Portfolio and blog of Stephanie Tortomasi, Graphic Designer in Metro Detroit, Michigan USA

About Schteff

I have over 20 years experience in Graphic Design and am currently a full-time in-house designer for a global consulting firm with a focus on branding standards and cross-platform projects, Outside of my day job, I have built a solid portfolio of branding, print, and web design for my personal network of clients and their related businesses.

I am not a full-time freelancer.

I accept new clients and projects by referral only based on my fit with the client or project and my availability around my professional work. I consider myself very lucky to be able to choose which projects I work on.

Random thoughts

Why so blue?

Powder. Sky. Robin’s Egg. Cornflower. Cyan. Aqua. Turquoise. Cerulean. Lapis. Cobalt. YInMn. Royal. Sapphire. Azure. Indigo. Navy. Peacock. Denim....

Back to my roots

So here I go. I’m relaunching my website after a five-year absence. To say that the last five years have been tough would be an understatement....

I am my own worst client

  I’m not going to lie. When it comes to designing anything for myself, I am ridiculously indecisive. It’s not that I cannot make a final decision....

My friends are (also) geeks

Anyone who spends more than 10 minutes around me will learn quickly that I am a massive geek. Like, MASSIVE. My brain always has a soundtrack...

Stuff for sale

I’m working on this section 🙂

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Awww, thanks!

I’m one of those people that do not take compliments well. But I really do appreciate positive feedback! Here are a few nice things that people have said about me and my work. :blush:

"Stephanie is deeply experienced in designing and implementing high-quality graphics and corporate identity materials in a variety of mediums. She really loves what she does and is very passionate about design - and it shows in her work. I really enjoyed working with Stephanie and had 100% confidence in her capabilities at all times."

Former co-worker, Roland Berger

"I have relied on Stephanie on numerous occasions to help me out. She has provided assistance with software knowledge and helped other students that were struggling. I would highly recommend her as a professional designer, and as a value added member to any creative team."

Design instructor, Baker College

"It is always a pleasure to work with Stephanie for many reasons. First off, she gets things done - bottom line. No stone is left unturned because she does the research to understand the project inside and out. This allows her to do the best job for the client."

Former co-worker, Roland Berger

"Stephanie is part of small group of people who I trust for professional advice on best practices, standards and industry trends."

Former classmate, Baker College

"Stephanie is unsurpassed when it comes to setting up and implementing executive presentations. She is extremely detail oriented and remarkably skilled in PowerPoint and several other software packages/programs."

Former co-worker, DaimlerChrysler
  Photo credits: Jesus Kiteque

Portfolio and blog of Stephanie Tortomasi,
Graphic Designer in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Portfolio and blog of Stephanie Tortomasi, Graphic Designer in Metro Detroit, Michigan

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