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I am a full-time in-house designer for a global consulting firm focusing on branding standards, cross-platform design, and internal research and development. As I work for both the US and Europe, I am able to work remotely to accommodate my unusual business hours. My Dobermans, Logan and Maya, are my constant companions while I work. They keep a close eye on me and let me know when it’s time for a break!

Team Schteff

Stephanie Tortomasi

Stephanie Tortomasi

Graphic Designer
Chief Brainstormer
Digital Hoarder

Logan Tortomasi

Logan Tortomasi

Art Director
Chief Mouse Nudger
Professional Napper

Maya Tortomasi

Maya Tortomasi

Project Manager
Chief Laptop Closer
Home Security System

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Social Media

Outside of my day job, I have built a solid portfolio of branding, print, and web design projects for my clients and their related businesses. As I am not a full-time freelancer, I am lucky to be able to select the projects I work on based on my fit with the client or project and my limited availability. Below are some of the highlights of my design career.

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I choose to focus on branding in my freelance work. I thoroughly enjoy bringing a brand to life and carrying the overall brand across multiple channels. Design can serve many purposes and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices and options out there. My job is to help enhance your brand – whether it’s a logo for use in social media, business cards for a startup, merchandise and packaging, or web design.

I also enjoy the challenge of rebranding an established project. Why rebranding? What goes around, comes around… Sometimes design can come from an unexpected spark of inspiration: a color, a typeface, a photo, or by repurposing previously used elements to come up with something new and fresh. That’s the beauty of design… you don’t always have to start from scratch. Instead, you can use your previous inspiration to help guide you to new places – even if it’s in the opposite direction!

Photo credits: Trent Erwin and William Iven

Portfolio and blog of Stephanie Tortomasi,
Graphic Designer in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Portfolio and blog of Stephanie Tortomasi, Graphic Designer in Metro Detroit, Michigan

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