Coal Dust Brewery
Coal Dust Brewery is a startup concept based in Wales, UK.

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Coal Dust Brewery is a startup concept based in the Rhondda Fawr Valley, Treherbert, Wales, UK. The location is a historic mining town that is steadily working towards renewal in both social and environmental areas. Capitalizing on the area’s Welsh heritage, mining history, and local agriculture, the brewery focuses on non-alcoholic Lavender and Honey beers.


Coal Dust Brewery




Art direction
Branding and identity
Package Design


Logo design
Beverage packaging

The target audience is a mix of traditional working-class industrial workers and new residents working towards renewal and regeneration of the local economy and culture. Working with a “modern industrial” theme, the branding leans heavily on the coal mining history with a logo inspired by a pile of coal dust and stylized illustrations of the mining equipment seen throughout the valley.

The color scheme is primarily black and white to represent the industrial past and clean future of the region. Additional colors are used on package designs that convey the key ingredients of the types of beer. The logo, signage, and package designs also include Welsh translations to include the local culture.

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