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Cooking the Book is a food blog inspired by fictional food.
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Cooking the Book is a food blog and podcast inspired by fictional food from books, TV and movies. Minimal branding was developed in 2016 to establish the blog, but after a few years, a refresh was needed that reflected the client’s love of classic cookbooks and serving pieces. The client also will be launching an online shop, so conversion from a free WordPress account to a hosted website was required.


Cooking the Book
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2016, 2018


Art direction
Branding and identity
Web design


Logo design
Responsive website

Based on the client’s love of classic cookbooks and vintage illustration, a new logo was designed in a linocut style using colors inspired by antique serving ware and aged books. The typography in the logo and website is inspired by vintage cookbooks.

A new WordPress website was developed that focuses on large photography and recipe formats to showcase all of the delicious food! The new responsive website is clean and simple, but flexible enough to grow to include an online shop. The result is a “fresh vintage” brand that can easily be carried across both digital and physical products.

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