El Guapo Grill
El Guapo is the first licensed and accepted food truck in the history of Detroit!

case study

El Guapo is the first licensed and accepted food truck in Detroit’s history! They take “Fresh Mexican” to the streets and turn it upside down – fusing it with all varieties of international cuisine. The business was originally part of the Mac Shack family, but had separated for approx. two years. At that point, the original owners sold El Guapo to the new owners of Mac Shack, recreating the original “power couple” of Detroit food trucks.

During the transition, minimal design assets were available (the vector logo, a hard-copy brochure, and on their existing website and social media accounts). The previous website was outdated, not mobile-friendly and was in need of an update. The client required a brand refresh with further definition, a new website, a stronger social media presence, all new photography, and various marketing collateral.



El Guapo Grill
➜ website




Art direction
Branding and identity
Web design
Social media strategy
Content creation
CRM development


Brand refresh
Business cards
Staff apparel
Responsive website
Social media campaigns
Magnetic menu board

While the original vector logo was provided, no other assets were available. Color, typography and print needed to be defined. The website was quickly recreated using a responsive template and all new product photos.

After a successful Phase I defining the brand, all materials were updated including a new custom website, updated print, and several large-scale designs. Internal marketing and CRM processes were developed to support the expanded street food and catering services in cooperation with Mac Shack.

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